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Submitted on
April 5, 2012
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Chapter 3:The Kiss oF The Riddle

Why so sad Caresse Edward asked me I don't know I said I've never felt love before,Edward I said o him Maybe this will make you feel better Edward said to me as he pulled my wist over to him and pulling me into a deep kiss while smirking Caresse heart races as she closed her eyes kissing Edward deeply back But then Edward stop kising Caresse and stared kissing her neck and started getting all sexy with her Shall take this in another room in my lair Edward asked me Sure I said as he took me by the hand and showe me his room where they were bot gonna have sex tgether.

Thinking what I'm thinking Caresse Edward asked me Yeper I said sex as Edward noded to me as I took my clothes off and he took his clothes off and started making love to me I never knew you loved me Edward I said to him I never knew you were this pretty Caresse Edward said to me as I started making love to him as I kissed his lips deeply without a love interfearcences Caresse didn't cared if Edward Nigma AKA The Riddler was at large or not she loved him with all her heart.
Chapter 3:The Kiss oF A Riddle

DC Comics Batman Arkham Asylum (c) The Riddler

Caresse' Renee Schmitt-me- (c)

My DA Boyfriend :heart: (c)
shadow4everandaday Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not punctuation I see. Interesting artistic choice. Lots of spelling errors. Those two factors are extremely blunt here and distracting from the actual substance of the short story itself. I encourage you to continue writing though and suggest that you consider revising this.
CaresseandGengar Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oops sorry...I'll try remeber that thanks for that.
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